information design through screens & objects

Wax Clock

Poetic modes of measurement

March 2016
concept, design, fabrication
A kinetic sculpture that explores my interests in analog forms of recording data and mindfulness about the passage of time. 

The passage of time is an endlessly poetic phenomenon, and it's a shame we often lose that to over-scheduled iCals and rigid 5-year plans. The wax clock seeks to address that, highlighting a physical manifestation of a process over time.

A heated metal stylus slowly melts into a beeswax slab, drawing a perfect circle in some revolutions, and going off the path in others. As it draws over the same spot, the wax melts deeper and deeper. and drips of wax accumulate on the board below.

Concept & Construction

The wax clock stemmed from my interests in mindfulness, recording information, and bringing together poetics and precision. It is constructed mainly from wood, with parts comprising a PVC pipe, a deconstructed soldering iron, servo motor, and 3D printed motor adaptor.