information design through screens & objects


concept, story writing, graphics
A compilation of original graphics to accompany a story I submitted the Blank Space Fairy Tales competition.

Exhibited in “Year 2086” - Gallery Ex Machina (ES)

Late one night while I was living in London (I suppose that makes it a night-dream), I was sitting in bed messaging a friend. I half-dozed off for a few minutes, and had a dream that music could be played using heat. If you didn't have the proper warming-player on hand, you could light a match and hold it up to the disc of music to get a taste of what it was - until the match went out.

With my friend's encouragement, I framed this dream-seed of an idea within a larger story about a girl whose power goes out one day (fossil fuels have run out sooner than we expected). While the "Adults-In-Charge" run around trying to work out what to do, she grows impatient and decides to use the powerful but invisible aspects of the natural world to directly do what she wants. Her inventions grow more and more fantastic and impossibly possible, to the point that we can't tell whether it is science or something else at play anymore.